Your Shoes Could Be Causing Your Foot Pain

When it comes to your foot health, the type of shoes you’re wearing may be causing you pain and discomfort. Whether athletic footwear or any other type of shoe, choosing a shoe that fits your foot properly is advisable. A Caledonia Hastings or Southfield, MI, podiatrist, such as Dr. David Mansky, can help offer proper fit tips for patients of all ages.

Athletic Footwear Fitting

This type of footwear should fit to hold the foot in place in the most natural way. They are designed in order to protect the foot from stress. While they come in a variety of materials and designs, choosing a pair that fits your particular foot is most important. Well-fitted shoes should be comfortable and prevent you from developing skin irritations or blisters. A good athletic shoe is meant to take impact and support. Our Caledonia, Hastings or Southfield podiatrist recommends a sturdy, stable shoe with flexible soles and arch support. Adequate room for the toes should also be considered.

Proper Fitting Tips

Dr. Mansky, your Caledonia, Hastings and Southfield podiatrist offers these helpful tips:

  • Avoid shoes with heavy rubber soles as they curl over the toe area and can cause falls and blisters.
  • Laced shoes provide a more secure feel leading to less risk of injury and foot pain.
  • Good shoes should have some give to prevent severe injury.
  • Shock-absorbing soles are more advisable to prevent pain and discomfort in the heel, foot and toe bed.

Ultimately when you’re considering footwear, choosing a pair that fits help reduce your chance of foot pain. Your Caledonia, Hastings and Southfield, MI, podiatrist can offer an informative consultation that provides specific tricks concerning your particular foot and your pain. Determining the cause of your pain will help alleviate your discomfort as soon as possible. To schedule an appointment call today!