There is a Correct Way to Trim Your Toenails

Most people approach toenail maintenance and general foot care in one of two ways – indulge in pampering and self-care by way of regular pedicures at home or at a salon or spa, or ignore them altogether until a problem develops, usually in the form of pain or an infection (or both). Incorrectly trimmed toenails can increase the risk of developing common problems like ingrown toenails.

Dr. David Mansky, a podiatrist in Caledonia, Southfield and Hastings, MI, advises diabetic patients, who are at an elevated risk of developing complications, like a serious condition known as neuropathy and people with especially thickened or hardened toenails, to schedule regular podiatry appointments for their foot care and maintenance needs.

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Even if a toenail does not become infected or ingrown (when the edges of the nail curve and dig into the side of the skin), nails that are too long or have a jagged shape can cause pain and discomfort while walking or running. The first step in correctly trimming the toenails is to use a quality nail clipper or toenail scissors and resist the urge to pick or tear the nails so as to avoid uneven and rough edges.

Cutting nails too short can also increase their risk of becoming ingrown. Dr. Mansky recommends cutting nails straight across and gently filing any curved, jagged or rounded edges straight in order to prevent them from growing into the skin. Always keep the feet clean and dry, and sanitize all tools in between uses to prevent the spread of bacterial or fungal infections. Schedule an appointment with a podiatrist at the sign of an infection or pain.

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As with every aspect of our health and wellness, many foot and ankle problems can be avoided or minimized with preventive podiatry care, especially for diabetic men and women. For more information on how to keep your toenails and feet clean, healthy and pain-free, contact the office of Dr. Mansky to schedule an appointment in Caledonia, Southfield and Hastings, MI, today.