Why Do I Keep Getting Blisters Between My Toes?

Like the rest of the body, the anatomy and biomechanics of the feet are specific to each person, and can lead to unique problems to the feet and ankles. Interdigital blisters (blisters between the toes) are a common problem caused by friction, according to factors like the curvature and distance between the toes, and the shape of the phalanges (bones).

Foot and Ankle Treatment in Hastings and Caledonia

Dr. David W. Mansky, a Hastings and Caledonia, MI based podiatrist, treats patients for two types of interdigital blisters – true interdigital blisters and pinch blisters. True blisters develop directly between the toes; pinch blisters develop on the tip or bottom of the toes. People with toes that have a curling shape are more prone to pinch blisters. Toes that curl and have significant curvature of the phalanges create a “trodden on” effect which creates the friction that leads to blisters.

Blister Treatment and Prevention

Your Hastings and Caledonia, MI podiatrist can determine the cause of chronic blisters. If toes are too close together, or there are protrusions of bone, keeping the toes separated can help to relieve discomfort and reduce the risk of developing new blisters. There are several options to help minimize the pressure and friction that causes blisters:

  • Wedges – Made of different materials (foam, gel, putty), wedges can help to physically separate and create a space between toes. They can also create a layer of padding for protruding bones.
  • Toe coverings (sleeves, tape, toe socks) – Toe coverings offer a layer of protection to support and protect the toes at every angle.
  • Lubricants – Topical lubricants are sometimes prescribed to protect the toes from blisters. A podiatrist can determine whether lubricants are a good solution for you.

Contact a Podiatrist in Hastings and Caledonia, MI

Blisters on the feet and toes can be painful and hinder physical activity and movement. To find relief from blisters or other foot and ankle conditions or injuries, contact the office of David W. Mansky, DPM PC by calling (269) 945-2222 to schedule an appointment today.