Keep Your Feet Healthy this Sandal Season

Tanned feet with pedicure compared to the pool and exotic nature . Spa and caring for women’s feet

Learn how to take care of your feet this summer from your Caledonia podiatrist

It’s time to enjoy the sun and wear sandals, but it’s important to remember a few things about protecting your feet. Your feet are exposed and more prone to injury when you are more active in summer. Dr. David W. Mansky, at Mansky Podiatry in Caledonia, Michigan, wants you to know how to keep your feet healthy this sandal season.

Remember these great tips to take care of your feet this summer. Try to:

  • Wear flip flops when you are walking on the beach, around the pool, and even in the public showers to prevent foot injuries and fungal or bacterial infections
  • Limit walking barefoot, to prevent cuts, bruises and burning your feet in the hot sand or sun
  • Wear at least SPF 15 or higher sunscreen; remember to apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet and fronts of your ankles to avoid sunburn.
  • Drink a lot of water, to prevent your feet from swelling and to keep your body hydrated
  • Exercise your feet and ankles to stay flexible, prevent injury and increase circulation to your feet
  • Apply moisturizing lotions to keep your skin from drying out, peeling and cracking

If you have diabetes, be sure to check your feet daily with a hand mirror; look for any injuries or bruising and seek Dr. Mansky’s help immediately.

If you play sports in the summer, always wear the proper footwear designed for the sport you are playing. This will help prevent injuries, sprains, and fractures. When you shop for athletic shoes, go later in the day when your feet are largest. Also, when you try on shoes, wear the socks you will wear with them to get the best fit.

Keep your feet healthy this sandal season, because you deserve to spend time having fun in the sun and not be sidelined by a foot injury. Take care of your feet this summer so they can take care of you. For more information on foot care in the summer and all year, call Dr. David W. Mansky at Mansky Podiatry with offices in Caledonia, and Hastings, Michigan. Call today and learn more!