Why You Need to Visit a Podiatrist

What’s wrong with my feet?

Your feet are special; they carry you through the daily activities of your life. There are many common foot problems that can show up with everyday wear and tear on your feet, especially as you age. That’s why it’s important to visit to your podiatrist, Dr. David Mansky, your foot doctor in Hastings and Caledonia, MI.

Bunions are a major reason why you should see your podiatrist. Bunions are large, hard bumps next to your big toe. Women are more prone to bunions because of wearing high heels and shoes that are too tight and narrow in the toe area. Dr. Mansky may suggest taking pain medication, cortisone injections around the bunion, icing and wearing padded inserts. For severe bunion problems, surgery may be needed.

Heel pain is another common issue, often caused from plantar fasciitis, inflammation of the thick band of tissue running across your heel. For heel pain, Dr. Mansky suggests icing the area 3 times a day, taking over the counter medications, arch stretching exercises and definitely wearing more supportive shoes. If your heel pain persists after trying home remedies, you should definitely call Dr. Mansky for an appointment.

Foot problems can also be a primary indicator of a systemic disease like diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association over 29 million people in the United States have diabetes, and the disease affects many of your body’s systems including immune, nervous and circulatory, causing changes in your body and your feet. That’s why your Hastings and Caledonia podiatrist is a vital part of your treatment team.

Diabetes-induced immune problems can cause a simple blister or cut on your feet, not to heal. Diabetic neuropathy is a condition resulting in less feeling in your feet. If you injure your feet, you might not even realize it because the nerves in your feet aren’t working properly. It can cause you to walk incorrectly, and you won’t even know it. Because of circulatory problems, you may not have enough blood flowing to your feet, and you could potentially lose toes or part of your feet!

Your podiatrist is a vital part of your healthcare team, so don’t wait! Take care of your feet! Stop in for an evaluation from Dr. David Mansky, your foot doctor with two offices in Caledonia and Hastings, MI. Call today and find out how he can help your feet!