Why Should I Consider Orthotics?

Could these custom shoe inserts actually improve your foot health?

You’ve probably heard or at least seen orthotics in the local foot care aisle but how much do you really know about them? What’s the difference between custom-made orthotics from your Caledonia, MI podiatrist Dr. David W. Mansky and the one-size-fits-most inserts that you can find at your local drugstore? Are they only worth it for runners and athletics or can more people benefit? Learn more about how orthotics could help you.

What are orthotics?

Did you know that only about 10 percent of people worldwide have a normal foot? This means that most people will require some sort of special support to provide a more optimal shape for the foot. This is where orthotics comes in. These foot-shaped inserts are placed into footwear to help provide additional support for your feet.

Orthotics can be made from soft, semi-rigid or rigid material depending on what condition or structural issue your foot doctor in Caledonia is trying to treat. Custom orthotics made by Dr. Mansky are different than the ones you can grab from your nearby drugstore. We tailor-make these orthotics to fit the shape and structure of your foot and to provide specific support to reduce any pain or other issues you are having. Most over-the-counter orthotics can’t offer the same results.

Are orthotics right for me?

If you aren’t an athlete you may think you can’t benefit from orthotics, but this is far from the truth. You don’t have to be a physically active person in order to require additional foot cushioning and comfort. Plus, since most of the world isn’t naturally born with perfect feet, orthotics can certainly help. Here are some common foot issues that orthotics can address:

  • Foot pain
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Bunions

If you are dealing with any pain or other problems orthotics may be exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t just suffer through painful foot problems. Instead, turn to the foot care professional Dr. Mansky for the care you need. Call us today!