Most Popular Cause Of Foot And Ankle Surgery

Your feet and ankles are your foundation, so when there’s a problem with them, seeing your podiatrist is a top priority. One of the most common treatments to resolve foot conditions is surgery. Know some of the most popular causes of foot and ankle surgery so that you can be prepared to discuss these options at your next appointment with Hastings, MI foot and ankle surgery Dr. David W. Mansky DPM, PC.

Endoscopic Plantar Fasciitis Surgery

Plantar Fasciitis is a foot problem where the tissue reaching from the front to back of the foot becomes inflamed and irritated, causing pain. There is a surgery to fix this problem called endoscopic plantar fascia release. The doctor inserts a tool into the foot that allows him to see the plantar ligament and identify the specific area that requires treatment. Making incisions in specific places on the ligament gives the patient a “release” of the pressure that’s causing foot pain. This is only done after all non-invasive options have been exhausted by Hastings, MI foot and ankle surgery Dr. Mansky, such as stretching and anti-inflammatory medications.

Foot Bunion Surgery

One of the most common types of foot surgery is to correct bunions that won’t go away with the use of special shoes, steroid injections and other relatively conservative treatments. Bunions are protrusions of the bone on the side of the foot that causes pain and trouble walking. During bunion surgery, the doctor may modify the bone and properly align it with the big toe, setting it in place with screws.

Arthroplasty—Joint Surgery

  1. An arthroplasty is a surgery to repair or replace a damaged joint in the foot. It is commonly recommended by your doctor when less invasive treatments, like physical therapy or orthotics, fail. There is also an arthroplasty for people who are having problems with their ankles (also called ankle replacement surgery).

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