Orthotics Change Your Walk and Your Foot Health

If you suffer from foot or ankle pain, it may be time to ask your Hastings foot doctor about orthotics. Shoe inserts come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can help to improve your whole foot health. Orthotics are available over the counter or from your podiatrist.

Types of Orthotics

  • Arch Supports – This type of orthotic helps to lift and support your foot’s natural arch to prevent foot injury and improve your gait.
  • Insoles – These shoe inserts slip into the bottom of your footwear to provide additional cushion or support for tired feet.
  • Heal Liners – these liners, sometimes called cups or pads, provide support specifically for the heel region to help cushion the heel when the body’s own natural heel padding is dwindling, which may happen with aging.
  • Foot Cushions – If your shoes rub against your toes or other parts of your feet, this cushion may help to provide a barrier to keep your feet injury-free.

Store-Bought or Prescription Orthotics?

When choosing between a custom orthotic made by your podiatrist or something you’d buy from a store, there are many things to consider. Perhaps you’re training for the Hastings Summerfest Run. That would require a different orthotic than if you just want a little more padding in your dress shoes. If you have diabetes or other health issues, your podiatrist may recommend custom orthotics to help with your circulation to prevent painful infections. If you’re not sure what type of orthotic you may need, ask your podiatrist.

Whether you’re looking to support your arches, stabilize your foot, or provide cushion to tired heels, you may want to explore orthotics. Mansky Podiatry in Hastings, MI offers diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle pain as well as custom orthotics when necessary. Talk to your foot doctor today to find out if orthotics are right for you.