High Heels Could Mean Hammertoes

If you wear high heels, you may be putting your feet at risk for hammertoes. Hammertoes are a type of foot condition in which the toes become bent unnaturally. The toes take on what looks like an upside-down V shape which can be painful and cause other foot problems. Your Caledonia podiatrist can diagnose hammertoes.

What Causes Hammertoe?

Hammertoe is usually caused when the toes are constricted. This can occur when your shoes are too small or narrow. It can also occur from the stress placed on the toes by wearing high heels. Heels tend to shift your weight toward your toe which can jam the toe into the shoe in an unnatural way.

Other factors that may cause hammertoe are an injury to the toes such as stubbing your toe. Certain diseases such as diabetes can also cause hammertoe.

Types of Hammertoe

There are two types of Hammertoe. Your Caledonia podiatrist will diagnose the severity of your hammertoe in order to offer specific treatment options.

Flexible Hammertoe – This type of hammertoe can respond to non-surgical treatment options.

Rigid Hammertoe – This condition is more severe and generally requires surgery to correct.

How to Prevent Hammertoe

Hammertoe may be easy to prevent, especially if it is related to your shoes. Start by making sure that your shoes are the right size and offer plenty of room in the toe. Podiatrists recommend shopping for your shoes at the end of the day because our feet swell during the day and this will be when our feet are at their largest. Also, remember that your feet may be different sizes. Try your shoes on the larger of your two feet.

And, of course, avoid wearing high heels which place tremendous pressure on your toes. Podiatrists recommend shoes with no more than a 2-inch heel. Give your feet plenty of breaks from the heels and try not to wear them every day.

If you are concerned about hammertoe, see your podiatrist for an examination. Mansky Podiatry in Caledonia offers diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle problems. Schedule an appointment today to find out how to avoid the pain and discomfort of hammertoe.