Shin Splints: How to Ease Your Lower Leg Pain

Although a shin splint is commonly used to describe various pains between the ankle and the knee, it actually refers to a specific inflammatory condition of the tibia — a condition called medial tibial stress syndrome. A type of “overuse injury” to the legs, the most common causes of shin splints include excessive running, poor […]

High Heels Could Mean Hammertoes

If you wear high heels, you may be putting your feet at risk for hammertoes. Hammertoes are a type of foot condition in which the toes become bent unnaturally. The toes take on what looks like an upside-down V shape which can be painful and cause other foot problems. Your Caledonia podiatrist can diagnose hammertoes. […]

Healthy Footwear Promote Healthy Feet

Looking fabulous in your favorite pair of heels does have a price. In fact, poor fitting shoes are a frequent cause of foot problems and discomfort, including calluses, corns, bunions and blisters, just to name a few. All footwear eventually shows signs of wear and tear. Inspect the condition of your own shoes, and if […]