What Causes Numb, Burning Feet?

Do you experience numbness or burning in your feet on a regular basis? These sensations are not normal, and they may indicate a more serious diagnosis you will want to be aware of. The next time you experience foot numbness or burning, don’t try to ignore it and hope it goes away. Visit Caledonia, MI podiatrist David W. Mansky DPM, PC for a diagnosis and treatment plan.

What Causes Numb, Burning Feet?

Numb, burning feet can be caused by a number of factors, the most common of which is neuropathy, or nerve damage. Nerve damage typically begins in the feet and legs before spreading throughout the rest of the body, and it is generally accompanied by a burning, numb or tingling sensation.

The most common causes of neuropathy include diabetes and alcohol abuse, but these are far from the option two options. When you your podiatrist in Caledonia, MI, he or she will ask several questions to rule out additional causes as well. Neuropathy can also be caused by conditions including chronic kidney disease, vitamin deficiency, HIV/AIDS, heavy metal poisoining and hypertension, just to name a few.

The numb or burning sensation could also be caused by a number of factors completely unrelated to the nerves as well. For example, it may be caused by infection, inflammation, Peripheral Artery Disease, gastric bypass, Fybromyalgia or a herniated disc.

How Will My Condition Be Diagnosed?

The method your Caledonia, MI podiatrist uses to diagnose your condition will vary based upon your particular symptoms and suspected disease or condition. Your doctor will first ask you several questions about your symptoms, your medical history and your lifestyle. Then they may call for additional tests, such as an EMG, a nerve conduction study or, in rare cases, a nerve biopsy. These additional tests should give your doctor the further information they need.

If your feet are numb or burning, it may be an indication that something is wrong. Visit your trusted Caledonia, MI podiatrist, Dr. Mansky, for a diagnosis and treatment plan and start on your road to recovery today.