How Can I Come Back From A Crush Injury?

A relatively common injury, crush injuries occur when part of a person’s body becomes trapped or pressed between two objects. The injury can range from quite mild, or it can be quite serious and require a visit to David W. Mansky DPM, PC in Hastings for foot and ankle surgery.

Crush Injury Causes

Crush injuries occur anytime a person’s body becomes trapped or pressed. Crush injuries include mild injuries such as those that occur as the result of hitting your finger with a hammer or dropping a bowling ball on your foot as well as more serious injuries such as those that may occur in a car accident, structure collapse, equipment or machinery accident or natural disaster.

Crush Injury Symptoms

Depending on the amount of force, the part of the body that was crushed and the length of time the force was applied, the resulting symptoms can vary from minor to life-threatening. Minor symptoms of a crush injury include bruising, swelling and mild pain. More serious symptoms include broken bones, lacerations, infections and heavy bleeding.

The most severe of crush injuries may even result in a condition known as compartment syndrome, in which your nerves become severed, causing muscle death. In order to save the affect body part, amputation may be required.

Crush Injury Treatments

For minor crush injuries, such as those that occur when you drop something on your foot or slam your finger in the door, no trip to Dr. Mansky is necessary. Simply clean and bandage and wound and apply ice to decrease the pain and swelling. These types of crush injuries will heal on their own in just a few days.

For moderate crush injuries, such as those that involve considerable swelling and decreased to no mobility, you will want to visit Dr. Mansky in Hastings for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. The doctor will likely perform a physical exam and take x-rays and will discuss further treatment options such as casts, physical therapy or foot and ankle surgery.

For severe crush injuries, you will need to see a medical professional immediately if you hope to make a full recovery. You may need to see Dr. Mansky in Hastings for foot and ankle surgery to prevent muscle death or an infection from spreading. You will also need a tetanus shot as well.

With the potential to be life-threatening, crush injuries often require immediate expert care. If you have recently experienced a crush injury, don’t just wait it out and hope for the best. Call the office of Dr. Mansky and schedule an appointment today.