Types of Orthotics

Orthotics are devices that help correct the shape of a patient’s foot or the way that he or she walks. Retailers would have you believe that all orthotics are created equal, but the truth is that having a custom device or special shoe made by your podiatrist is the best way to resolve foot pain. Learn more about the differences between these foot support devices from Caledonia orthotics Dr. David W. Mansky DPM, PC.

Pharmacy Orthotics
The first place many people look when they are experiencing pain in the foot, ankle or heel is the “foot care” aisle at a local store. You’ll find a number of different orthotics at your local pharmacy, drug store or retailer including:

  • Shoe inserts
  • Arch supports
  • Insoles
  • Heel protectors
  • Orthotic shoes

These are generic supplemental devices that are made to help people with minor foot issues, but they aren’t a recommended solution for people with moderate to severe foot conditions. In fact, in some cases these generic products could make the problem even worse.

Custom (Prescription) Orthotics
When the pain or discomfort is difficult to bear, visit Caledonia orthotics Dr. Mansky for an evaluation of your foot problem so that he can prescribe a unique solution. Prescription orthotics are custom-made to address your specific foot problem. The three main types of insert devices are:

  • Rigid orthotics (help control the motion of the foot joints)
  • Soft orthotics (shock absorbers and pressure relievers)
  • Semi-rigid orthotics (correct flat feet; give you balance when walking, running and exercising)

All of these custom orthotics are made from a mold or cast of your foot, so you can rest assured that it will address your specific condition. In some cases the doctor may prescribe a pair of shoes that you must wear every day.

Your Custom Orthotics Solution
If you have a foot problem that can’t be resolved with an over-the-counter orthotic shoe or device, get one custom-made at the office of Caledonia orthotics Dr. David W. Mansky DPM. Visit his office on the web at https://manskypodiatry.com or call the main office at (269) 945-2222 to request a date and time to come in for an initial consultation.